Why we love the game of golf

I competed Sunday in my first Florida Players Tour event at Black Bear GC in Eustis, FL. Coming off a career low 62 on Friday, my confidence was high and my game felt great. I went through my normal preparation routine, putting together a hole by hole game plan for the course.

Five holes into Sundays round I found myself three over par due to two misses from 6ft  and a poor iron shot. I also found myself with a great opportunity to bounce back. In practice I have been working on staying in the present and playing one hole at a time; two essentials for getting the most out of your game when you’re not at your best. I played the next 12 holes one under par and bogey free. A true testament of the hard work I have been putting into the mental side of the game.

However, I still ended with a 76 for the day due to a lost ball off the tee on 18. Walking off of the course I was frustrated to say the least, but then it occurred to me why I love the game as much as I do: Golf is always a challenge and can never be mastered. As hot as my putter was on Friday when I posted 9-under, it was equally as cold Sunday. Over time, it is my goal to shrink the difference between my great rounds and poor rounds, and  learn how to score when I am not at my best. But even with improvement,  I think its important to remember that golf and all of its intricacies make it impossible to conquer and that’s why we love it.


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