Reeso Putters

I recently made a trip to Ocala, FL to visit Mr Sandy Reese, the creator of Reeso Putters. I heard about Reeso Putters after reading the book Golfs Sacred Journey by David Cook, a story about a  young tour pro struggling with his game and in search of answers. In the book, the young pro uses a putting technique called Face On Putting. This unique and more natural way to putt peaked my interest so I decided to find out more.

Last week, Mr. Reese was kind enough to invite me to his workshop and let me experiment with some of his putters. I spent several hours putting with his Face On model, long putters, and conventional style putters. Ultimately, I stuck with the conventional style model simply because I putt well with it and saw no need to change. However,  I did see how a first time golfer or higher handicap player could benefit from the Face On style. Face On simplifies the putting stroke and allows the player to look at the hole when putting instead of the ball. This eliminates a lot of anxiety that new players have when standing over putts.

I owe a special thanks to Mr. Reese for his time and energy last week. It was a great experience working with him in his shop and learning about Reeso Putters!



  1. Christian,
    After our phone call I learned from my mother that my dad had a special place in his heart for you. One could say, he saw a bit of himself in you. Congratulations on going Pro!
    The Reese Family will continue to pray for you on your journey in the great world of golf.
    Good Luck!-Kelly (sandy’s Daughter)

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