Off Season

It has been several weeks since my last post, and a ton of positive changes have begun to take place. I am approaching the months of September and October as my off season. This is not necessarily by choice, but more due to a temporary lack of funding. However, I am embracing these months away from tournament golf to accomplish several important objectives:

1) Set my goals for the 2011-2012 season

2) Improve several key areas of my golf game

3) Improve my fitness levels

4) Partner with potential sponsors and investors

5) Coach the St. Francis Catholic High school golf team

At this point in the year most Nationwide and PGA Tour players are either competing in the Fedex Cup Playoffs or winding down the season with the Fall Series. The majority of Hooters Tour Players and other mini tour guys are beginning to prepare for PGA Tour Qualifying School. Q-School as it is called, is a four stage process towards earning your PGA or Nationwide tour card. Anyone can enter Q-School, providing that they have the $5,000 to sign up, and to advance through each stage requires a top 25 finish. Players who advance to the fourth and final stage, must finish inside the top 25 to earn their PGA tour card and inside the top 50 to earn their Nationwide tour card. One year from now, my goal is to be entered into Q-School and ready to earn my our card. I will use all 365 days between now and then to improve both on and off the course.

Below is a quick break down of my first three months as a professional: 6/1/11- 9/1/11

Tournaments Played: 7

Rounds Played:10

Rounds @ even par or better: 7

Scoring Average: 70.10

Low Score: 62 (9 under)

High Score: 76 (4 over)

Money Earned: $1,025



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