Go Primal!

When you think of athletes that play football, basketball, soccer, etc. you probably envision some of the most elite physical specimens on the planet. These are men and women who train extremely hard in order to give themselves a competitive edge on the playing field. But what about golfers? The game of golf is unique in that almost anyone of any size, shape, and age can play it, and often at the elite levels. However, I have found  that strength and conditioning for golf opens the door to an entire new means of improvement.

It wasn’t until the spring of my senior  year of high school that I gave any thought to physical fitness. On a recruiting trip to Brevard Community College, Coach Howell brought to my attention that I needed to gain more distance, and one way could be through strength training. I certainly didn’t want to be the shortest hitter entering college, so I figured I would give it a try. In the first few months of training I was clueless to say the least…five years later I am at an all time fit.

Last week I partnered with Go Primal Fitness and Training Institute here in Gainesville, FL. The trainers at Go Primal provide me with exactly what I look for in my training: A mental and physical workout that forces me to be in the present and push past negativity and doubt. I see a huge payoff on the golf course by training my mind to operate in the present in the gym. There may be limitations to the amount of size (muscle mass) a golfer can have, but there are certainly no limitations on strength, flexibility, stamina, or mental toughness.




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