January-February Tournament Recap

After four months away from tournament golf, I was able to compete again during a five tournament stretch that began January 14 and ended this past weekend with the Wildwood Open. Below is a recap of the five events:

1) Kissimmee Open 70 72—earnings $390

2)Volusia County Open 72,78—earnings $0

3) Indian River Open 73, 71—earnings $0

4) Azalea City Open 70, 75—earnings $0

5) Wildwood Open 76, 70—earnings $350

Scoring Average: 72.7

Total Earnings: $740

I want to give a special thanks to Gary Klopper from Corporate Marketing Solutions for providing me new golf shirts to start the year. If you or your company are looking for custom apparel or accessories he is the man to talk to!

Side Note: If I take 1 shot off of each of my rounds played, my total earnings increases from $740 to $1,965, a $1,225 difference. ( Im very close) Also, I was between 6-12 shots away from the winning score per tournament. ( Plenty of room for improvement)


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