Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013! ( Part 1)

If there is one thing I have learned in the last 12 month, it’s that a whole lot can change in one year…

With just over 24 hours left in 2012, I feel compelled to write; to recap if you will, the amazing year that it has shaped up to be.  It has been a year that has brought a TON of change, a number of “Firsts”, great memories and stories, and has positioned 2013 as a year ripe for new opportunities!

I started 2012 full speed ahead on the golf course. I played 5 events and carried a 72.7 stroke average though the months of January to March. I earned around $1000 and spent around $2500. During those months I worked hard, learned a lot, and enjoyed competing. In my opinion, those are the three most important  things I can ask from myself. However, the results were not good enough to fund another five tournaments, so it was back to working cart staff, and putting together my “Quest for the Card” fundraiser.

As May approached, everything was in place for the Quest for the Card event, and what a turnout it was! Putting the amount of money that was raised aside ($3,500) the overflow of support and love I received from friends and family was truly inspiring! I will forever remember that day and the individuals who were their solely to help me succeed.

Weeks later I was back on the tournament grind, optimistic that this next stretch would be my best yet. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately…) , I couldn’t have played worse. I recorded four rounds of 75 or higher, spent nearly $2000 in just two weeks and felt sick to my stomach to say the least.  It was during a Monday qualifier for a Nationwide Tour event in Georgia, that a shift in my outlook took place. After shooting 78, I stood next to the scoreboard and stared through hazy eyes at 150 pro’s ( most of whom had beat me), and thought to myself, ” I have made it pretty damn far in this sport, but maybe now is the time to move on…”


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