olympic medalist


The start of 2012 brings with it a new opportunity to take your game (whether that’s golf, business, education, or some other venture) to new heights! The energy thats flowing through the air at  this time of year is exciting. People are setting goals, taking on new challenges, and enjoying life.  One of my favorite athletes, 6 time olympic medalist Apolo Ohno, sums up what I feel is the perfect attitude to carry into the new year: ” 2012: No boundaries, ceilings, or walls. Obstacles become opportunities, Problems become Challenges. Reach for zero regrets.”

It has been four months since my last update and even longer since my last tournament. In September,  I undertook the role of Coach Christian for the St. Francis Catholic High School golf team. Over the quick two month season, our team recorded a school best 12-2 record and three of our players were named to the Gainesville Sun Honorable Mention team. I walked away from the season feeling satisfied that I helped a group of kids learn and enjoy the game of golf. I also realized that I would consider pursuing a career in coaching at the collegiate level should the opportunity present itself.

The months of November and December brought a lot of changes and questions about the future. I hadn’t touched a golf club in a month and I didn’t have the means to compete in any tournaments even if I wanted to. I spent a lot of time soul-searching, if you will, to find out what I should do next. And then one day  it came to me. It didn’t take a crazy event or long inspirational speech to bring me clarity of what I needed to do, it simply took my mom asking me the deeply touching question, ” have you given up ?”  The answer didn’t come in words, but in the feeling-NO WAY.

January has arrived and I’m excited to say that my golf game, both mentally and physically, has never felt better. I owe a special thanks to Go Primal Fitness for sticking with me over these past few months and keeping me in shape. I have put together the necessary finances to play in four events over the next six weeks. The events are: The Kissimmee Open (January 14-15),  The Volusia County Open ( January 21-22), The Indian River Open (February 4-5), and The Wildwood Open (February 25-26).  On top of this, I have created a plan with the guidance of Bridgestone Golf to attract investors to help me accomplish my goal of competing on the PGA Tour. If you would like to find out more on how you can be a part of my quest for the PGA Tour, please email me at Blanchetgolf@yahoo.com.

Follow all of my upcoming tournament action here on my blog, or on the website, http://floridaprofessionalgolftour.sports.officelive.com/results.aspx.